Other Information

Our equipment is for Fairs, Shows, and Rugged Ranch Use

Our show pens, panels, and gates are made from Galvanized Steel. We have other options also, They can be manufactured from raw steel and hot dip galvanized or powder coated. Show pens can be manufactured in 18 gauge, 16 gauge, or even 14 gauge. We offer a variety of custom options and sizes not listed. If you don't see the option you are looking for, call or e-mail us for a quote.

Different Styles:

Vertical Bars: These bars are great for keeping the livestock from standing on pens, and for keeping them from climbing on pens. A heavy duty horizontal bar can also be added to hang feeders on. These would be the choice for pigs as well to help prevent them from lifting up on the panels. 16 gauge and 14 gauge strengths are available....we don't recommend anything lighter than 16 gauge for hogs.

Horizontal Bars: These bars are also an attractive option making them popular for fairs. They are great from a feeding standpoint as the hookover feeders can be hung on the bars. This style of pen was made for the ABGA Nationals.

Wire Panels with 4"X4' wire openings or panels with 2'X4" wire openings: These have been popular for sheep and goats. These also are great for hanging feeders on the 2"X4" wire openings are more difficult for the livestock to climb on as ell as the children. The 2"X4" wire panels are a heavier panel though and aren't as common for firs as some feel that added strength isn't as necessary for fair use.

Mixing Panel Styles: Some fairs use a vertical front and the wire panel sides and backs.


Bow Gates can be built with the double header bars overhead for hanging signs on.

Heavy Duty Bars (horizontal bar)/ Feeder bars placed about 19" up for hanging hook over feeders on or to add extra strength in a spot where the big does can be sometime found butting panels. Call for curreent pricing for those.

Wall Mounts can also be used to adjoin panels to walls instead of purchasing backs depending on locations of walls. These currently cost $3.95 a wall pocket. This can be a cost savings over purchasing a back or side panel.

Panel Anchors are added for those that would like to anchor their panels to the floor. They are a flat plate attachment with holes for bolting panels down to the floor. They can be placed in the middle of a panel or out to the sides. Current cost for these are at $6.15 per pair.

Another cost savings is to back pens up to each other and side to side to share sides and backs. It helps to have the ground as level as possible when placing fair pens back to back and side to side to each other.


Call if needing layout help or for overall price quote...785-955-0218 or 785-955-0506.